A little bit about me.

I started this blog a few years ago to have a place to write down stuff that’s on my mind.  It’s easier and more permanent than paper and usually more accessible too.  I have no illusions that anybody cares about what I have to say about life or myself, this journal is basically for my own future reflection and is mainly masturbatory in nature.  Sadly, since the growth of Twitter and Facebook and every other social media site, I don’t post here much anymore.  But I would like to correct that at some point.

One of the other reasons I don’t write much here lately is because I write almost daily now for a local video game website, Pixel Perfect. We’re small right now but getting a pretty decent amount of traffic for being a local site. I am the Managing Editor for the site as well as write news, features, and reviews. You should totally check it out at pixelperfectmag.com. I’ve been writing for a long time on my own and love to write about games.  I’m not creative at all so I don’t write creatively, but I really enjoy writing editorially.  I have this stupid illusion that some day someone will want to pay me to write about games full time but it’s just a pipe dream for now. We’ll see.

My loves include video games (I own over 650 and counting), anything Psychopathic Records related, other music of all different types (I have more video game soundtracks than any other band or artist), movies, computers, technology, nerdy stuff of all kinds, fast cars, and motorcycles.  I’m actually a pretty big tech buff and at this point in my life I’m fortunate enough to have more money than I have time so I have way more electronics and video games than I have time to play with it all. Talk about first world problems.  I also love to read.  Mostly fiction and science fiction; Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, the expanded Star Wars Universe, Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club is the best movie/book ever, and screw you if you don’t agree), and many others.

I live in Cleveland, OH and spend my days working, writing, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends just like anybody else.  That said, feel free to hit me up on PSN or XBL if you want to play some games! My Gamertag and PSN ID can also be found to your right. I play mostly on PS3 but am a fan of all consoles and genres so don’t be afraid to ask if I’m into a certain game.


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